#POEC – Public Order Emergency Commission – Mayor Jim Watson – EXCERPTED


MSR has excerpted, compiled and annotated all the salient talking points from Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson’s testimony at the Public Order Emergency Commission on October 18, 2022 which will determine, in it’s opinion, whether or not the invocation of the Emergencies Act during the Freedom Convoy 2022 was required.

5+ hours of testimony have been reduced to 42 minutes of contextual excerpts with annotations to the documents referenced therein.

MSR expects this commission will be analysed by researchers and students alike for decades to come and hopes this and possible further EXCERPTED episodes will be helpful. Anyone is free to use this video for any purpose as long as either the MSR logo is maintained or MSR is given credit as the source of the annotations. It is licensed under Creative Commons 4.0.

Without futher ado… #POEC Excerpted Episode 001:



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