MSR blocked on Twitter by Dr. Alastair McAlpine, BC infectious diseases pediatrician


Muddy Science Revolutionary was blocked on Twitter today by Dr. Alastair McAlpine an infectious diseases pediatrician located in British Columbia, Canada.

McAlpine was in the process of berating Dr. Simon Goddek for covid misinformation as well as Elon Musk for allowing him to be re-instated.

This was the perfect opportunity to test Dr. McAlpine’s knowledge on natural immunity. Was he aware of the CDC study which shows natural immunity is better than vaccine induced? Was he aware of the dozens of other studies studies which show natural immunity to good if not better than vaccine induced?

Fortunately it was intuited that these questions, based on peer-reviewed scientific studies, might cause an incoming block. These screenshots were taken of the very short twitter exchange just before the block occurred.

That’s all it took! There was no way to reason away the response which didn’t break his rules but does appear to have broken his narrative.

Here’s a slideshow of the original tweets with links intact.



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