US Senator Ron Johnson hosts 5 hour long round table discussion with prominent scientists and doctors to get a 2nd opinion on covid


US Senator Ron Johnson hosts COVID-19: A Second Opinion, a 5 hour long panel discussion with prominent scientists and doctors against some or all of the current pandemic measures.

Here is Johnson’s opening statement.

Again, good morning. The US recorded its first laboratory confirmed case of covid on January 20th, 2020, 2 years and 4 days ago. We have endured 2 years of the pandemic and covid related deaths have surpassed 5.6 million globally and 889,000 in the US.

US ranks 22nd in deaths per million at 2,575. Sweden, if you all recall Sweden early in the pandemic was excoriated by the world press, Sweden ranks 63rd with 1,514 deaths per million. Again the US were 22nd at 2,575. Sweden is 63rd at 1,514.

The human toll resulting from economic shutdowns is incalculable. The erosion of freedom and growing divisions within society exacerbated by vaccine mandates should concern us all. The latest variant, omicron, is sweeping the planet as a weary public prays for it to be the last.

The purpose of todays forum is to discuss the global pandemic response, the current state of knowledge regarding early in hospital treatment, vaccine efficacy and safety, what we did right, what went wrong, what should be done now and what needs to be addressed long term.

There is still much to learn about the corona virus, covid the disease and covid vaccines.

Early in the pandemic, our knowledge was minimal. But even then, because what we learned from Italy and the Princess cruise ship, it was becoming obvious covid was a disease that was targeting the old and those with certain co-morbidities.

Instead of using that information Public Health officials pursued a one size fits all response that relied heavily on creating a state of fear to ensure compliance.

They also kept moving the goalposts. For example, we went from a 2 week shutdown to flatten the curve to zero covid. From masks weren’t necessary to a single mask wasn’t adequate. From a vaccine that would prevent infection to a vaccine that reduced severity of the disease. And as goalposts were moving, different viewpoints were being crushed.

At the very moment when outside the box thinking was required, the internet could have been used by practicing physicians to share their experiences as they developed effective therapies. The internet was used instead to censure discussion and vilify anyone with a different opinion.

Until covid, a fundamental principle of medicine was early detection allowed for early treatment which produced better results. Two years in the pandemic, the compassionless guideline from the NIH, if you test positive, is to essentially do nothing. Go home, isolate yourself in fear and pray you don’t require hospitalization.

It has also been sound medical advice when dealing with a serious illness to get a 2nd opinion, maybe even a 3rd. Today is about getting that long overdue 2nd opinion.

COVID-19: A Second Opinion

US Senator Ron Johnson

The timeline of the discussion is noted below. Watch the full video here.

After his opening statement Senator Johnson notes that “folks from the other side of the narrative” such as federal heath agencies and their heads or representatives as well as the CEO’s or some representative from the vaccine manufacturers were invited. “They decided not to show up which I think is somewhat telling but also very disappointing”. (47:03)

He then moves on to the presentations.

The presenters are:

  • Dr. John Raymond (47:29) (re-evaluation of public health response, we must explore the roots of division)
  • Dr. Peter McCullough (50:17) (early treatment, continuity of care, vaccine mandates)
  • Dr. Ryan Cole (56:58) (early treatment, inflammatory and clotting disease with available medicines, doctors no longer allowed to practice medicine)
  • Dr. Harvey Risch (1:00:44) (early treatment, HCQ, ivermectin, msm compliance, FDA fraud)
  • Dr. Pierre Kory (1:07:21) (failed policy responses written by pharmaceutical companies, vitamin D, ivermectin, proper vaccine testing)
  • Dr. Richard Urso (1:18:03) (early treatment, HCQ, vitamin D, inflammatory and blood clotting disease for which treatments are available, doctors no longer allowed to practice medicine)
  • Dr. Christina Parks (1:27:59) (spike toxicity, lower dose for those of African descent, early treatment, vitamin D, HCQ)
  • Dr. Mary Bowden (1:33:30) (early treatment, steroids, vitamin C)
  • Dr. Harpal Mangat (1:38:29) (early treatment, antivirals, steroids)
  • Dr. Paul Marik (1:41:08) (terminated, early treatment, Remdesivir study evaluation failure, ivermectin)
  • Dr. Aaron Kheriaty (1:50:09) (medical ethics, 40% rise in all cause mortality not related to covid, crimes against humanity/Nuremberg, useless mandates, transparency abandoned, terminated after 15 years as director of their medical ethics program U. of California after challenging constitutionality of vaccine mandate, false appearance of scientific consensus, thresholds for state of emergency not defined)
  • Dr. Robert Malone (1:56:57) (covid and long covid survivor, failed public health response, decisions must be based on the current science, ineffective and leaky vaccines against a pathogen that rarely causes death, allusions to crimes against humanity/Nuremberg, vaccine mandates for children completely unjustified, policies not consistent with scientific data)
  • Dr. David Wiseman (2:03:16) (division will take years to year, early treatment, HCQ, ivermectin, negative vaccine efficacy, risk benefit analysis for children off by up to 56 times, CDC underreporting, improperly tested quasi vaccines, FDA must listen to the vaccine injured and scientists which appears to be beginning)
  • Dr. Christina Parks (2:09:01) (African descent vaccination can cause hyperinflammation, mandates against people of African descent unethical, doctors no longer allowed to practice medicine)
  • Dr. Richard Urso (2:12:10) (thanks to the Senator for opening up discussion on covid)
  • Dr. Jay Bhattacharya (2:13:20) (Barrington declaration, failed pandemic policies causing destruction and misery, covid not an equal opportunity virus – protect the vulnerable, lockdowns are harmful to mental and physical health – children harmed by lockdowns – lockdowns do not stop covid – must be removed, vaccines effective against severe disease – give them to the vulnerable)

He then moves on to the open discussion.

Q: (2:24:12) Sen. Johnson asks “why were so many people that tested positive for covid asymptomatic?”

A: (2:25:10) Dr. Peter McCullough – age and comorbidities are the major factors. Also, 15% of people cannot catch covid according to the CDC.

A: (2:26:40) Dr. Richard Urso – asymptomatic transmission is only responsible for lest than 1% of cases so it isn’t a driver of the pandemic.

A: (2:28:33) Dr. Paul Alexander – study show Remdesivir harmful – asymptomatic transmission aprox. 0.5%, used as a scare tactic

Q: (2:31:43) Sen. Johnson asks Dr. Alexander “Can you just quickly talk about all the studies that talk about the benefit of natural immunity and also why it probably would have been a good idea, certainly in light of mandates to at least test somebody for antibodies and recognise natural immunity in this response”
A: (2:32:11) Dr. Paul Alexander
– having looked at all the studies they conclude that natural immunity is at least as good as vaccine induced immunity
– antibodies wane but cellular immunity is robust and lifelong which was ignored
– supports properly developed and tested vaccines

Q: (2:35:43) Sen. Johnson asks “Why was there the assumption on the part of our federal health agencies that natural immunity wasn’t worthwile?”
A: (2:36:00) Dr. Robert Malone
– pathogen dose is critical
– level of vitamin D important
– natural immunity recognised in certain EU countries
A: (2:38:42) Dr. Aaron Kheriaty
– 1st worry natural immunity not recognised by officials because they were afraid people would try to catch it purposefully
– 2nd worry was that it would decrease efficiency, by having to ask for proof of natural immunity all the time it would slow down the process
– 3rd worry was that acknowledging natural immunity would lead to the question of how many people had it, would lead to admission of policy failure – the science has not show anyone with natural immunity transmitting the virus, you wont get covid from them (that supposition is false)

Q: (2:44:07) Sen. Johnson asks “Prior to the (covid) corona virus there were already about 3 corona viruses that would have infect humans and cause a cold, rigth? Otherwise (known) as rhinoviruses. Is omicron, is that just like one of those cold viruses now?”
A: (2:44:32) Dr. Ryan Cole
– omicron is a novel virus
– omicron doesn’t bind in the lungs or cause clotting like other variants did
– vaccines have negative efficacy against omicron
– natural immunity causes more antibodies in mucosal membranes where the virus enters (secretory IgA) – this makes mandates moot because the vaccinated carry higher viral loads (omicron is covid-22 meh!)
– prior infection with other similar corona viruses provides some level of protection
– recognised in Africa as being just like the comon cold “We should do the same.”
A: (2:49:06) Dr. Robert Malone
– (personal opinion) data are showing negative vaccine effectiveness against omicron which is a function of the number of vaccine doses received
– pharmaceutical companies did not investigate antibody dependent enhancement or vaccine enhanced disease
– forcing everyone to get the vaccine could cause additional escape mutants causing the virus become more pathogenic

(2:53:28) Dr. Christina Parks adds RE: asymptomatic
– suggests Sen. Johnson may have had a false positive PCR test due to too many cycles which explains the asymptomatic part (Sen. Johnson notes at 2:55:25 that he had an antibody test)

(2:54:57) Dr. David Wiseman adds RE: natural immunity
– Pfizer (vaccine) and Merck (molnupiravir) performed studies which show natural immunity to be 88% and 77% effective respectively

(2:56:25) Dr. Paul Marik adds RE: prevention/therapeutics
– we have oral and nasal therapies to kill the virus where it enters the body and replicates, we aren’t using them

(2:57:52) Sen. Johnson remarks that doctors seem reluctant to practice medicine
(2:58:00) Dr. Risch adds/disagrees RE: Dr. Malone on vaccine escape
– omicron appears to give immunity to previous strains so it is unlikely that any more dangerous strain would evolve from them
– omicron, already having over 50 mutation, would essentially have to reverse mutate back into a more pathogenic variant which seems relatively unlikely
– omicron likely to remain a cold like virus

(2:59:17) Dr. Malone adds to Dr. Risch
– shares the hope that omicron would function like a live attenuated vaccine

(2:59:36) Dr. Cole adds to Dr. Risch and disagrees with Dr. Malone
– this virus doesn’t have the potential to go bad

Q: (3:00:38) Sen. Johnson asks “The efficacy of masks?”
A: (3:00:56) Dr. Christina Parks
– if we use HCQ and ivermectin to prevent the spread we’ll be ok
A: (3:01:25) Dr. Alexander
– (RE: Malone) impossible to get to 100% herd immunity with the current vaccines because they don’t stop the virus
– (RE: Malone) data is showing the possibility of negative vaccine effectiveness after concurrent doses
– 150 mask studies show minimal effectiveness (max. 13%), masks are highly and largely ineffective
– during mask mandates infections increased (weak!!)
A: (3:03:28) Steve Kirsch
– no difference between wearing a cloth mask and not wearing a cloth mask, surgical masks were between the 2
– shows the kind of mask it would take to stop the virus, P Mask, 150 times more effective than an N95 mask, looks like a high tech surgical mask. only works one way or you wouldn’t be able to breathe
A: (3:07:18) Dr. Paul Alexander
– Swedish study shows zero deaths in over 1.5 million children due to covid, they were not wearing masks
A: (3:08:28) Dr. Richard Urso
– N95 masks have not been shown to be effective over the past 30 years and aprox. a dozen randomised control trials
– zero studies show that N95 masks are effective at preventing upper respiratory disease

Q: (3:10:29) Sen. Johnson asks “Its very difficult to find doctors who will treat. If you have a doctor who will treat its very difficult to find a pharmacy that will fill some of these drugs. Some of them that haven’t been poisoned you can get. But, the big ones ivermecting/hydroxychloroquine, its very difficult. So what’s a person to do when they or a loved one gets covid?”
A: (3:10:55) Dr. David Wiseman
– “Well the NIH tells you to go home, take fluids, take tylenol and you stay at home until you get blue and you can’t breathe and then you go to hospital and then they isolate you like a prisoner, give you remdesivir and dexthamethasone and then you die. That’s the NIH recommendation.”
– “COVID-19 is a treatable disease”
A: (3:12:20) Dr. Ben Marble founder of
– treated over 150,00 patients using the (Dr. Peter) MucCullough protocol with only 4 deaths, mixture of drugs, vitamins and treatments including HCQ, ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies, vitamin D, C and zinc among others
– early treatment works
A: (3:14:30) Dr. Pierre Kory
– drugs are being suppressed due to corruption
– CDC owned by the pharmaceutical industry
– CDC sent out a memo august 2021 & spring 2020 telling the nation’s physicians and pharmacists not to use generic medicines
– pharmacies wont fill prescriptions for some of the safest and low cost medicines in history because they are brainwashed
– crimes against humanity! people can’t get treatment
(3:18:04) Sen. Johnson points out using Dr. Kory’s charts that the recommended drugs that have been researched all range in price from 700$ to 3200$, the ones that are not recommended are generally very inexpensive “Go figure!”
A: (3:18:36) Steve Kirsch
COVID-19 early treatment: real-time analysis of 2,142 studies lists many different early treatment protocols
Dr George Fareed and Dr Brian Tyson Early Treatment Protocol has been ignored even though there have been zero deaths
– fluvoxamine phase 2 and phase 3 trials also show promise
(3:21:04) Dr. Harpal Mangat adds
– it’s difficult to find a pharmacist who will fill the prescriptions for these protocols, independant pharamacies are best, also Costco

Q: (3:22:10) Sen. Johnson asks “But let me ask those of you who’ve utilised this cornucopia of cheap generic repurposed drugs, have any of your patients an adverse reaction to ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, I mean just you know Budesonide…
A: (3:22:25) Dr. Ryan Cole
– no! over 400 patients treated, no hospitalisations and no deaths
– “The adverse reaction from these drugs is being attacked for being a good doctor”
A: (3:23:15) Dr. Peter McCullough adds
– “The patients that I’ve lost it’s because we’ve gotten a late start on early treatment”
– “We have shown the golden window to treat covid-19 is the first 72 hours”
A: (3:24:21) Steve Kirsch
– “What makes the difference is not which early treatment protocol you are on. If you get treated early within that 72 hour window nobody dies”
A: (3:25:02) Dr. Richard Urso RE: Dr. McCullough
– risk benefit ratio for ivermecting/HCQ are very low
– the side effects of HCQ are “lowers cholesterol, lowers hemoglobin C, lowers glucose, lowers insulin resistance, lowers d-dimer … rate, lowers stroke, heart attack, pulmonary embolism, decreases chronic kidney disease. So there are a lot of side effects associated with these drugs”
– “they are using repurposed drugs with a higher price tag”
(3:28:19) Sen. Johnson goes over his safety chart HCQ/ivermectin, tylenol causes aprox 13 times more deaths than the 2 combined (69/15), remdesevir is 921, tylenol is 1024
Q: (3:29:43) Sen. Johnson asks Dr. Wiseman about molnupiravir barely recommended (13-10)
A: (3:30:33) Dr. Wiseman
– molnupiravir may be spawning dangerous mutations
– HCQ studies which shut down the drug were flawed
Q: (3:35:03) Sen. Johnson asks Dr. Peter McCullough “Talk about, as Dr. Wiseman just did, talk about what we didn’t do in the approval process, in the safety surveilance, the followup process. Talk about the steps that we didn’t take that we should have and we ought to do moving forward”
A: (3:35:21) Dr. Peter McCullough
– “The FDA is supposed to be the safety watchdog, the National Institute of health is the national research body and CDC is the outbreak investigation body, right? And now the CDC and the FDA are the named sponsors of a vaccine program. If America can learn anything we should never have the FDA and CDC be a sponsor of a public program in administering a product. It has been a giant and colossal mistake.”
A: (3:37:48) Dr. Aaron Kheriaty
– NIH/NAID has 4 members who own part of the patent on the Pfizer vaccine so they make royalties from the profits
– collusion between government and pharma



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